Looking for the best? Look no further…

Coolmore’s property at Jerrys Plains has produced quality racehorses for over 100 years. The land, like the Coolmore name, is synonymous with success at the highest level in racing.

The likes of 1920 Melbourne Cup winner Poitrel and the champion racehorse of the same era, Heroic, were both bred on this property.

It’s special land and it contains the very best of everything that is needed to raise the best racehorses. Combine this with our expertise, experience and determination to succeed and you have a winning formula. It’s a formula that has seen graduates of this farm win over 350 Stakes races since 1996.

So if you want to buy the best, you’ve got a great start at Coolmore Australia!

Please contact us on + 61 (02) 6576 4200 for further details.

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